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Hester & Company is a Real Estate Appraisal Firm located in Raleigh, NC

Since being founded by J. Thomas Hester in 1988, we have prided ourselves for providing clients with the upmost real estate appraisal services. It is the mission of Hester & Company to deliver professional research analysis and reporting services with integrity and honesty.

Here we provide appraisal services for a wide variety of property types for a clientele base of all backgrounds: individuals and families, lenders, attorneys and their clients, public institutions and government entities.

The Team

Owner and UNC Chapel-Hill Graduate J. Thomas Hester has over 35 years of property valuation experience in North Carolina. Alongside Carter Worthy Commercial Inc., Hester & Company has delved into property and asset management, primarily for entities in which the principal of the firm has an ownership interest.  Hester has been involved in ownership and management of general properties, historic office, mixed-use properties, small multifamily properties, a car care center, child care centers, and vacation properties.  

Carter Worthy Commercial Inc. is a key friend and supporter to this firm.  Its owner Carter Worthy, Tom Hester’s wife of 39 years, is a highly successful commercial property broker who has a love for giving back to the community. If you are interested in seeking real estate services, please feel free to contact her at (919) 961-3595.

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